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At Vaughan Dental we can offer a broad range of dental services to suit every need at a cost that you can afford. By giving you quality care and attention, we can build a happy and relaxed environment that you just might look forward to coming to.


Thank you for your patience over the past several months while we have been closed and offering a reduced capacity. We are pleased to say that we are open again. However, it will not be a return to ‘business-as-usual’ for the time being.


Due to the ongoing challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic we are open now for all routine appointments and hygiene, though we still have a reduced capacity due to the new operating procedures.


Please call us on...


01582 461000

If you have had an appointment arranged with us we will contact you the day before with some Coronavirus screening questions and to advise you of the procedure for the appointment.


Please wear a mouth and nose covering when you come, and try not arrive early for your appointment as we need to keep the waiting area as clear as we can. Please also bring as few belongings with you as you can. When you arrive please call the practice or knock on the door. Once you are inside please immediately use the hand sanitiser gel, and you will be directed to leave your belongings in a box in the waiting area.


After your appointment we would be grateful if you could pay by card rather than cash. Once you have collected your belongings, please use the hand sanitiser again before leaving. 

Procedures that produce an aerosol spray (AGP), such as drilling and ultra-sonic scaling, require a much higher level of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) than would usually be required, and once completed the surgery must be left empty for an hour before any cleaning can begin. Therefore, we need to make sure that these procedures are fully planned prior to carrying them out.


Due to the distancing measures we need to put in place and the increased appointment times to allow the surgeries to be left empty between patients, the practice will be operating at far below capacity.


To reflect this, we have a temporary fee guide until we can reinstate the usual fees.




This includes the necessary examination diagnosis. If at that time and after discussion with the patient it is thought that xrays,

a temporary dressing/filling, antibiotics, or any other treatment is needed to defer definitive treatment until Coronavirus restrictions are reduced or gone may be charged as per the usual fee guide.

Planned Non-AGP


£20 Coronavirus levy


Plus the appropriate fees

from the fee guide.



£40 Coronavirus Levy


Plus the appropriate fees from

the fee guide.

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